Highest quality Zulrah script on the market.

1 iluvlsdndmt 1 Weeks 1512 202,476,424 GP
2 jambamslam1 2 Days 493 78,225,887 GP
3 Vora 2 Days 532 78,192,453 GP


The Start button for the GUI can be accessed in any tab, located at the very bottom of the window. It is possible you may have to resize the window or move it around in order to see it.
Equipment can be set in the equipment tab. In order to set either of the sets, simply have the gear equipped and preferably be in the equipment tab in game. Then push grab and it should successfully fetch your equipment. You should see the item icons and names pop up in their respective positions. If you want to do a mage-only run, simply check the Mage Only checkbox. Please note that all gear must be carried on the start of the script.
Setting food is very simple. In the Food Choice text field, start typing the name of your food choice. It should autocomplete, and a green border will surround the field if the name is recognized. Food amount does not need to be entered, as the program will automatically determine the optimal food amount. Karambwans can be enabled with the checkbox to the left of the word Karambwans. The amount is filled in the text field to the right, and it's expecting a integer (1,2,3...)
Each potion has an option with different types of potions able to be set. This can be found in the configuration tab.
Enabling vengeance can be done by checking the checkbox next to the Vengeance label. From there you have two choies, runes or a rune pouch. Using vengeance w/ runes isn't recommended, as the inventory space isn't worth the potential of a speed kill increase. If you have a rune pouch, it may be worthwhile with lower defense.
Select any of the options in the prayer category in the configuration tab.
Either choose between using a ring of recoil or a ring of suffering, no other rings are supported due to snakeling damage. Rings should be worn during the start of the script, however the script should handle it if they're not.
Travelling to Zulrah is currently a very simple affair. The only option is a Zul-Andra teleport scroll. Simply make sure your bank has a sufficient amount of these and it'll work fine. If you wish to request new travel methods, please contact ShowtimeScripts on Powerbot. As for traveling to the bank, currently two options are supported. Clan Wars via Ring of Dueling is supported, in addition to House w/ Ornate pool via House teleport tabs. As long as the bank has a sufficient quantity of those items it'll work fine. House teleports only work if you have a glory on the wall, and an ornate pool. For maximum efficiency please ensure that these two items are as close to the portal as possible. In addition to that, teleport in-house must be enabled, as well as disabling door. If you attempt to start the script with either of those not correctly set, the script will throw an error.
For stats, it's recommended to have a minimum of 80s, it's possible to do it with less, and this script has even been used by people in the 60s before. However 80s is a solid number where you can get a good amount of kills per hour. Gear requirements is generally as good as you can get, Trident/Blow pipe should be used at a minimum, and Void is generally the lowest defensive gear you'd want.
This script has the capacity to get over 20 kills per hour, with a little bit of luck you could pull close to 3 million gold per hour. A more reasonable expectation for an account in the 80s would be 1.7-2.2M/hr.
This is a safe boss fight. The script supports deathwalking, so as long as you have a Zul-Andra teleport in your bank, it'll successfully take you to the priestess and resume the script with no flaws.
Thank you, I worked very hard on it and I'm glad people are enjoying it.
Multi-kills are already enabled. Multi-kills are a great way to increase gold per hour by cutting down on travel time. It's also a great way to lose gold per hour due to dying and wasting time and supplies. Because of this I generally err on the side of caution. You may notice the script doesn't go for another kill even if you believe it should have. Typically, this is because you're wrong. I track the data on food usage on an individual basis. So any time you get a kill, the amount of food it eats is tracked. In order to determine whether a multi-kill is viable, it first looks at the amount of prayer potions you have in your inventory, and determines if you have enough to continue. If you do, it checks food. I won't give away the actual formula, however a starting point for it is, it takes the mean amount of food consumed per kill, plus 1.5x the standard deviation. This heavily reduces the odds of a death while still providing a chance for multiple kills.